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hi everyone, 

this is our new iweb site designed using apple’s new iLife’09 software. it is hosted using our .mac account.  hope you enjoy our fotos, movies and other stuff here! the photo pages work best it you click on the slideshow and then wait a few minutes for it to completely load - remember there a lot of photos to load.

the movie requires quicktime to play and there is a link to a free download for windoze users.  again you need to wait a while for the movies to load - probably too long if you are stuck on dial up!  the blog pages have stories of our adventures and travels as well as the more mundane! 

you can also see photos & movies on our web gallery. this is often updated before the web site. also checkout my smugmug gallery, its better for viewing high quality images so I have been posting the pics from my new Fujifilm X100 there.

rick, sal & kai
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